Who is Michele Morrone: Everything to know about the 365 Days actor

365 Days actor Michele Morrone (Photo by Stefania D'Alessandro/Getty Images)
365 Days actor Michele Morrone (Photo by Stefania D'Alessandro/Getty Images) /

365 Days Star Michele Morrone Height, Relationship Status, Instagram, Roles: Everything to Know About the Netflix actor

Michele Morrone might not be a household name, but thanks to his role as Massimo in Netflix’s 365 Days he’s quickly becoming one of the most talked-about stars of 2020.

Since arriving on Netflix on June 7, 365 Days has emerged as an unexpected breakout hit on the streaming service and viewers are crushing hard on Michele. While 365 Days has been many individuals’ introduction to the Italian actor, he’s far from a fresh face. Here’s everything you need to know about Michele.

Michele Morrone Height

As some might have picked up on through 365 Days, Michele has an above-average height coming in at 6’2.

Michele Morrone Married?

Michele is currently unwed; however, he was married to designer Rouba Saadeh from 2014-2018.  During their time together, Michele and Rouba had two children together, Marcus and Brado.

Michele Morrone Roles

365 Days has been Michele’s biggest role, however, he’s appeared in a small handful of other projects. Among his notable roles is his role as Claudio Cavalleri in the Italian crime drama Il Processo (which translates to The Trial). He also appeared in two episodes of Medici, playing the role of Ship Captain. Ironically, both Medici and The Trial are available to stream on Netflix, making them the perfect follow-up after watching 365 Days!

Michele Morrone Instagram

Like most celebrities, Michele has built up quite the following on Instagram and uses his page to actively share content. From swoon-worthy photos and shots promoting his latest projects to highlights spotlighting his other areas of interest including art and music, Michele’s account is a must follow. Check out his page here.

Michele Morrone Twitter

While Michele keeps quite the active profile on Instagram, he’s not quite made the transition to Twitter and does not currently have an account on the social platform.

You can watch Michele Morrone in 365 Days streaming now on Netflix.

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