Kourtney Kardashian embraces curves: Claps back after fan calls her thick


Kourtney Kardashian responds to fan calling her thick in bikini photo

After a fan called Kourtney Kardashian thick, in response to her apparent weight gain, Kourtney embraced her curves with the perfect clap back.

Taking to her Instagram, Kourtney shared a series of photos including a trio of photos in which she stuns in a vibrant yellow bikini showing off her curves and clearly enjoying the California sun. Between Kourt’s bikini photos were a few sweet shots of her kids as well as a delicious stack of fluffy pancakes, suggesting they were taken at various points in what was surely a fun day with family.

While most had only positive things to say about Kourtney’s photos, one follower had a more critical outlook which they had no issue holding back. “Kourt, you’re getting thick,” the user wrote, which was their polite way of saying Kourtney seems to have put on some pounds.

Although some might have been taken aback by the comment, Kourtney simply clapped back that she was living a “quarantine dream.” In other words, sure she might have been among those affected by the quarantine 15 but she’s fully embraced her curves and is happy in her skin!

Fans love seeing Kourtney Kardashian embrace her weight gain

While there are always trolls who love attacking celebrities for the most insignificant of flaws such as the follower who called Kourtney thick, the majority of Kourt’s followers love seeing her embrace her curves.

“She looks great with some extra junk in the trunk!” commented one user in response to the troll’s attack against Kourtney’s curvy figure. The support poured over to Reddit as well where fans praised Kourt for not being afraid to show how a belly naturally folds. “Such a small thing but makes a huge difference to so many women. Kourt’s doing it right,” commented one user in the Reddit thread showing Kourtney support.

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It really is wonderful seeing Kourtney embrace her curves and using her platform to show the world that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. We love that she continues to keep things real and doesn’t let the haters get to her!

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Do you love seeing Kourtney Kardashian promote positive body image in embracing her curves and brushing off the shade thrown at her by the follower?