The Kardashians: What exactly is Kanye West’s 2020 vision?

Kanye West (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)
Kanye West (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images) /

What is Kanye West’s vision for 2020 and his presidential run?

Kanye West fans have been left confused these past few weeks after the rapper tweeted what seems to be either hints at a new album or promotions for his alleged presidential run on Twitter.

Throughout these last couple of weeks, Ye has tweeted a variety of content, from mentions of his Yeezy Gap campaign to asking followers to sign a petition so his name is on the ballot in South Carolina, even to him praising a chair — yes, a chair. The rapper tweeted on July 15 to his 29.8 million followers, “Love this chair.” Underneath was a photo of what looks like the Chicago Cloud Gate upside down and on three legs from the Sanaa architecture office.

His adoration for the Sanaa chair isn’t the only tweet that sparked confusion. Just on July 17, Kanye took to Twitter again to share a photo of Mount Rushmore, only this time with his face also added alongside the other presidents. The reactions were mixed, with some comments angry while others were more positive.

More recent tweets contain pictures teasing the Yeezy Gap collection, with Kanye sharing cropped shots of potential ideas for the new line. Apart from working on clothes, the rapper has also been designing a new font! Ye shared multiple tweets showcasing him writing the alphabet, numbers, and extra characters on twitter these last few days.

“Hand designing a 2020 future font FTR FNT,” one tweet read. “FONT LIFE.”

One striking message fans were quick to see and save, however, was a deleted tweet the Chicago native posted two days ago. “New album DONDA coming JULY 24 #2020vision”,  including a photo where Kanye wrote in the font what fans are assuming (and hoping for) is a list of songs in the album.

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While Yeezy himself has been fairly vocal about his future project (or projects?) on his Twitter, his wife Kim Kardashian has remained silent as to not give away any hints on what Ye has planned coming up. While Kanye’s “2020 vision” is unknown, we do know we can expect plenty from Yeezus in these next upcoming months!