Will Addison Rae lean on Kourtney Kardashian for social media advice?

Kourtney Kardashian can help Addison Rae in a world without TikTok

The social media platform has become a beloved pastime for many in recent months and helped to launch the careers of several influencers such as Kourtney Kardashian’s newest bestie Addison Rae; however, it’s looking likely the service might soon go dark stateside.

According to a new report via NBC News, President Donald Trump has told reporters he plans on banning TikTok as early as today which would leave TikTok influencers such as Rae, for lack of better words, up a creek without a paddle.

With TikTok seeming to live on borrowed time, Addison Rae is positioned for continued success and should lean on her newfound besties Kourtney Kardashian for social media advice.

While Addison has managed to cultivate an incredible following on TikTok, she’s still working on breaking big on other social platforms including Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Luckily, Kourtney Kardashian happens to be an expert on all three platforms having developed incredible followings over the years and finding the perfect way to make the most of the platforms.

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In leaning on Kourtney, Addison could learn the tricks that have helped make the Kardashians some of the most followed individuals on Twitter and Instagram. Kourtney’s proved she knows how to leverage the platforms for career opportunities and we’re certain Kourtney would be more than happy to help her friend out in a pinch!

What’s next for Addison Rae without TikTok?

Should TikTok indeed be banned, we fully expect Addison Rae to shift her focus towards other social media accounts. In fact, on the eve of Trump’s announcement inferring to an impending TikTok ban, Addison already began referring fans to her Instagram and YouTube channels.

Although the types of content she’d be able to produce for the two platforms would vary from the content fans have become accustomed to on TikTok, we’ve seen that Addison has a knack for coming up with unique approaches. YouTube, in particular, could become a key resource for Addison to expand her platform with more original short and long-form content.

There’s even some buzz that she could be getting her own reality show, which would definitely keep her busy and give fans something exciting to look forward to!

Are you hoping TikTok remains available so that you can continue to follow Addison Rae and your favorite TikTok stars through the platform? Should the service be banned, will you continue to keep up with Addison Rae via her other social platforms?