Rob Kardashian enjoys shirtless swim, showing off significant weight loss

Rob Kardashian (Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images)
Rob Kardashian (Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images) /

Rob Kardashian shirtless selfie heats up social media as Rob shows off massive weight loss

We’re not sure what diet Rob Kardashian might be on or what fitness routine he might entail, but whatever Rob is doing is clearly paying off as he’s looking better than ever!

After taking a step back from the spotlight, Rob has recently made a triumphant return to social media where he has been proudly showing off the strides he’s made in his weight loss journey. It all began as Rob eased back into the limelight with a series of shots posted while enjoying time with family at sister Khloe Kardashian’s birthday bash.

Feeding off the positive reactions from fans, Rob has gradually been embracing his weight loss beginning with subtle teases leading up to Rob changing his Instagram profile photo to a recently taken shirtless photo that quickly got fans talking. Now the Kardashians’ little brother has chosen to show off his progress with a new poolside shirtless selfie.

Clearly enjoying the sunny weather, Rob showed off his toned shoulders and slimming facial features rocking his signature stubble.

It didn’t take long for Rob’s followers to jump in to show their support and wash Rob over with a wave of compliments.

“You look amazing you sexy boy,” wrote one user. “Looks like you are shining and it is great to see,” added another supportive fan.

We honestly love seeing Rob reclaim his confidence and no longer turning away from the cameras. Hopefully, the continued support from fans will only further prove to Rob that he’s just as loved as the rest of his famous family!

Will Rob Kardashian’s weight loss journey be featured on Keeping Up with the Kardashians?

Feeling more confident and comfortable in his skin, Rob is finally eyeing a return to Keeping Up with the Kardashians after slipping into the background with fewer appearances with each passing season.

With Rob set to have a larger role in the upcoming episodes of the series, it seems easy to question whether he might perhaps have allowed the cameras into his home to showcase his weight loss journey. After all, since returning to social media Rob has been casually showing off his weight loss progress in a series of shots showcasing his progress.

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Given KUWTK is known to focus on the biggest happenings and events within the Kardashians’ lives, it seems safe to assume Rob’s weight loss journey will be addressed in some way during the upcoming episodes. Although it’s unlikely to be a feature story in the episodes — after all, Rob has always been more of a “background” player on the show — there’s no way the show ignores what has been a major aspect of Rob’s life.

Then again, we suppose it is possible the show will touch on Rob’s weight loss via a simple throwaway line in order to give Rob the privacy he’s often been known to enjoy.

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Do you love seeing Rob Kardashian doing so well and making such great progress in his weight loss journey? Are you hopeful Rob will continue to update fans on his progress as the weeks continue to progress?