Kim Kardashian deletes Kylie Jenner shower photo after facing backlash

Kylie Jenner (L) and Kim Kardashian West (Photo by Taylor Jewell/Getty Images for Vogue)
Kylie Jenner (L) and Kim Kardashian West (Photo by Taylor Jewell/Getty Images for Vogue) /

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to social media backlash. Most times, the reality star knows how to tweet and brush her shoulders off, presumably agreeing to disagree with trolls, and posting as she pleases. But that’s seemingly not the case this time, after the reality star shared a steamy shower photo.

On Twitter this week, Kim shared multiple birthday shoutouts for Kylie Jenner. In one photo in particular, the sisters stand side by side in the shower, clad in wet t-shirts. Yes, you heard correctly.

Undoubtedly, the girls are looking gorgeous, but the implications of the photo, on the other hand, looked questionable to some people. Instead of wishing Jenner a happy 23rd birthday, 55-year-old British TV presenter Piers Morgan quote-tweeted the celebratory shower photo with the caption, “so weird.” Hours later, Kim deleted the tweet.

As LadBible points out, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star’s hasty change of heart might’ve been prompted by Morgan’s tweet. Unfortunately, much of the Twitter-verse had already seen the sisters in their “weird” photo and many began slamming the KKW Beauty founder for it.

You can see the shower photo still in Kim’s Instagram post by scrolling through the pics below to the last one.

Others came to the sisters‘ defense, arguing that it’s Kim’s prerogative to tell her baby sis “HBD” in any way she wants. Some in-the-know fans reminded Morgan that the photoshoot was for business, not pleasure.

Ignoring all the raised eyebrows can’t be easy these days. The lawyer-to-be likely took down the tweet down to avoid more “weird” comments like the one from Morgan, even if she didn’t feel the same.

The reality is, Kim Kardashian has enough to worry about right now other than sexy shower photo backlash.

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