Here’s what’s really going on between Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick are hanging out more often than not these days, but are they getting back together?

Surprisingly, the on-again, off-again exes are not on again, reports TMZ. Not right now, anyway.

Shortly after Disick and Sofia Richie called it quits, the Flip It Like Disick star was spotted with Kardashian on more than one occasion. Quality time (and increasingly flirty online comments) aside, the co-parents continue to claim they are and will always be friends. Furthermore, they’ve remained family.

This much, we already knew. As TMZ points out, eyebrows are raising for other reasons. No matter how long they’ve been friends or how many children they co-parent, these exes definitely went on way less family outings when Sofia was still in the picture. After an almost three-year relationship, Scott’s schedule is noticeably more open and perhaps, that’s all it is. Perhaps.

Since Scott Disick’s split, rumors started circulating regarding the reality star’s lingering feelings for his ex. Those alleged feelings for Kourtney Kardashian were suspected by many to be the ultimate reason for his breakup.

Of course, we can’t know exactly what went wrong, and breakups are rarely about one thing. But rumor has it, Scott will always truly, madly, deeply be in love with his ex. None of us would be all that surprised if he professed his undying love for the Poosh founder any second now. Still, that doesn’t mean they’re getting back together.

The real question is, how does the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star feel about her ex? And as they move forward as a family, is she open to doing more than just going on friendly sushi dates with her ex?

Stay tuned!