Smell Like the Kardashian Sisters With Three New KKW Fragrances


Kim Kardashian is releasing a new line of KKW fragrances called Diamonds II with her sisters Kourtney and Khloé each one representing a different jewel.

Kim Kardashian took to Instagram today to announce she has teamed up with her sisters, Kourtney Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian, for a trio of new scents through her brand KKW FRAGRANCES called Diamonds II.

The sisters all wore different jewel-toned silk outfits to show which gemstones they represent. Kim wore green for her emerald scent, Kourtney wore ruby red, and Khloé opted for a sapphire blue. Though they may have sported different colors when it came to their clothing, they all opted for similar brown shoulder-length bobs to demonstrate a united front.

Kourtney’s Ruby Diamond fragrance is said to have notes of crimson roses, Australian Sandalwood, ginger, vanilla bean and red jasmine for a spicy, sultry scent. While Kim’s Emerald Diamond utilizes musky, luxurious ingredients like Italian Vert de Mandarin, evergreens, pear blossoms, violet leaves, and orange blossom nectar. Then there is Khloé’s Sapphire Diamond which offers a bright, crisp scent of blueberries, vanilla fluff, Panettone, and white Rose petals.


Before this new collection, last year there was the Diamonds first collection where each sister was represented a different color diamond Clear (Kim), Pink (Khloé), or Yellow (Kourtney). Kim’s original Diamonds Clear Eau de Parfum by KKW FRAGRANCE featured floral and sweet notes like candied ginger, coconut milk cream, and orange blossom, which also is in her new Emerald Diamonds fragrance.

Unfortunately, the new Diamonds II collection won’t be released until September 18, 2020 so fans will have to wait a little bit longer before they can get their hands on the new scents. Don’t get too sad just yet, you can still join the waitlist here for all the latest on the release of these three fragrances. However, if you cannot wait and still want to smell like one of the sisters, then check out Diamonds Kim Clear scent which is still available to buy here at Ulta Beauty for $40.