Scott Disick just left a sweet comment on Sofia Richie’s Instagram

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie attend ASOS (Photo by Presley Ann/Getty Images)
Scott Disick and Sofia Richie attend ASOS (Photo by Presley Ann/Getty Images) /

From the looks of it, Scott Disick and Sofia Richie are on okay terms right now. Or at the very least, they seem to be in a friendlier place than they were when they first split up.

The once-couple of almost three years may no longer be an item, but that doesn’t mean these exes can’t be a little friendly from time to time. When they first called it quits, it appeared that sweet gestures might not happen for quite some time, especially when the Flip it like Disick star unfollowed his 22-year-old model ex on Instagram. But that was then.

Now, according to Us Weekly, Scot has started leaving friendly, and potentially flirty, comments his ex’s Instagram account.

As we’ve learned as of late, Scott Disick flirting with one of his exes online doesn’t necessarily mean anything. That’s just Scott being Scott. Right, Kourtney? Right.

So when Richie captioned her recent Instagram shot, “Rosh Hashanah gave me an excuse to put on an outfit,” Disick playfully replied in Hebrew, writing, “Shanah tovah umetukah,” which translates to “have a good year.” How sweet.

A source for Us Weekly claims that while these exes aren’t getting back together, the banter might not be totally innocent either. The insider dishes, “Scott and Sofia’s most recent breakup was definitely serious, and they were done. But Scott is always popping in and out of Sofia’s life.”

So what’s the unpredictable Lord Disick up to? Hopefully, nothing. After all, they both seem to be moving on healthily enough and as previously mentioned, it’s okay to just be kind to your ex.

All in all, Scott telling Sofia to “have a good year” doesn’t exactly imply he’s trying to win her back.

No matter his true intention with showing Sofia recent attention, the model seems to be doing okay on her own, and the dad-of-three has claimed he’s focusing on his family and self betterment.

As previously reported, Richie has been spending lots of time with friends, family, and even frolicking on the beach with Jaden Smith.

With that said, stay tuned. If Scott’s sweet nothings to Sofia continue to escalate, eagle-eyed fans will be ready to call him out. And so will everyone else, I’m sure.

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