Khloe Kardashian unfairly slammed for migraine medicine post

Khloe Kardashian (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Allergan)
Khloe Kardashian (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Allergan) /

Khloe Kardashian has been under fire for sponsorships before, but this one checks out

Khloe Kardashian has always been open about her struggles with migraines, so her latest Instagram sponsorship with a migraine drug company makes perfect sense given that it works. Fans are concerned that her paid sponsorship crosses a line, but in this case the concern doesn’t seem warranted.

Khloe’s latest sponsorship is for the migraine drug Nurtec ODT. She posted that she used to suffer from debilitating migraines but now with Nurtec she’s back to enjoying things she loves – like working out and hanging out by the pool – in a matter of minutes. This message came in tandem with a picture in workout gear nearby the pool.

You can see her post below.

She also included a full drug disclaimer in her post warning of the dangers of the drug and how it could cause allergic reactions. Given that the drug must be prescribed by a doctor, this also checks out. Nurtec ODT is not available over the counter, so in this case Khloe is spreading awareness and (hopefully) spurring conversations between migraine sufferers and their physicians. (Botox, interestingly enough, is also used in the treatment of migraines).

Fans expressed concern that Khloe was “pushing” the drug. In the past, the Kardashian family has come under fire for pushing over the counter diet drugs so their concern is coming from a good place. In this situation, though, Khloe’s struggles with migraines have been well-documented over the years on the show and many fans have expressed that they, too, suffer from migraines that put them out of commission completely.

“Why are you advertising medication? Seems irresponsible to me,” one person commented, while another wrote, “Y’all touting potentially harmful drugs now eh… damn anything for a dollar.”

Nurtec ODT seems to be helping Khloe with her migraines and that’s good news. Anyone who has ever suffered from a migraine knows that the sensitivity to light and intense pain is not fun and it’s not something that can be treated with a few aspirin.

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We’re happy to hear Khloe finally has a way to battle her migraines and we hope her story helps other migraine sufferers, too.