Kim Kardashian slammed by fans for wasting food for SKIMS photoshoot

Kim Kardashian (Photo by Presley Ann/Getty Images for American Influencer Awards )
Kim Kardashian (Photo by Presley Ann/Getty Images for American Influencer Awards ) /

Kim Kardashian is under fire for wasting food for the sake of fashion with fans slamming the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star for SKIMS waffle shoot.

When it comes to creating buzz, Kim Kardashian sure knows how to get fans talking which is always helpful when it comes time to release a new line of products via one of her many brands. However, the buzz Kim seems to be creating in promoting her latest SKIMS line is far from the positive kind.

On Oct. 2, Kim unveiled the newest addition to the SKIMS collection: SKIMS Waffle, a new line of ultra-soft brushed waffle loungewear created for stay-at-home comfort and style. In promoting the collection’s Oct. 7 launch, Kim to Instagram for an on-theme photoshoot which has fans in an uproar.

Kim Kardashian accused of wasting food during SKIMS waffle photoshoot

Playing up the line’s name, Kim promoted her new SKIMS Waffle collection fittingly with a series of photos featuring stacks of fluffy waffles.

Posing in a diner booth setting, Kim showcases several products in the SKIMS Waffle collection with plates of waffles surrounding her both on the table before her and in the background. In two of the shots, Kim strikes a set of unique poses as she pours maple syrup over the stacks of waffles before her while in a second she channels her inner diva fiercely looking into the camera through her tinted shades.

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While Kim looks absolutely stunning in the photos and the use of waffles as props seem like a perfect PR decision, fans weren’t happy seeing Kim seemingly waste food all for the sake of fashion.

“Hope so much they’re fake [because] there are people starving and this would be a HUGE waste,” commented one fan. “Wasting food, when so many people are having trouble putting it on their table,” echoed another clearly unhappy with the food being wasted for the sake of promoting the collection.

In all fairness, we too must admit one of the first thoughts that passed through our minds when viewing the images was the wastefulness of the food. Sure it’s a fun angle, but it seems like the same message could have been conveyed with far less food needing to be wasted or even with some stylized prop waffles.

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What was your first reaction to Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS waffle photoshoot: Were you among the group of fans who immediately thought about how wasteful the shoot’s use of waffles was?