Bella Hadid sparks romance rumors with Jack Nicholson’s grandson

What’s going on between Bella Hadid and Jack Nicholson’s grandson, Duke? Something flirty, that’s for sure. And rumor has it, these two are definitely flirting with more than a friendship. So what are they?

According to PageSix, Bella Hadid and Duke Nicholson are spending more and more time together as of late, but a rep for the supermodel says that everyone is reading way too much into their hangouts. The source claims that not only are these two not a couple, but also alleges that Bella and Jack Nicholson’s grandson haven’t been together as often as it seems, having hung out “once through mutual friends.”

Reportedly, they haven’t been in touch since then. But the alleged buzz around L.A. right now suggests otherwise.

A source and L.A. insider for PageSix says they’re definitely involved, or at least they were, revealing to the publication that the pair linked up last month. Reportedly, Nicholson saw and potentially canoodled with Hadid on a trip to the Big Apple. The same source claims that the rumored lovebirds also celebrated Bella’s birthday together before the 24 year old “headed for an all-girls island getaway.” Confused? Us too.

The answer for now is: Maybe they’re a thing. As the publication notes, when Bella shared some shots from her birthday celebration and the fun company she kept, those happy Instagram moments did not include 20-year-old Duke. But just because we can’t see him in a single birthday shot, doesn’t mean he’s not in the picture.

Various sources claim that there’s something going on between them when the Instagram selfies stop.

The fact is, these two could be keeping their romance on the down low while they’re still attempting to define the relationship themselves. And if Bella and Duke are a couple, eventually, something’s gotta come out. And I have no doubts the couple selfies will inevitably follow.

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