Khloe Kardashian doesn’t let criticism about her looks bother her

Khloe Kardashian (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Allergan)
Khloe Kardashian (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Allergan) /

Khloe Kardashian has a message to people who criticize her appearance.

Throwing shade at Khloe Kardashian about her looks won’t work. The 36-year-old reality star and co-founder of the Good American clothing line discussed how she deals with criticism about her appearance in a recent interview with Elle magazine.

Kardashian has come under fire lately for her appearance, which some fans claim is either touched up or the result of plastic surgery. Longtime fans are aware of Khloe’s changing looks over the years as well as her weight-loss journey, but recent photos are different enough that fans believe there is more to it.

When it comes to her detractors, their negativity would “definitely bug” her, but these days Khloe isn’t giving them a chance to get under her skin. Unless she’s having a bad day, she notes that “90 percent of the time, it doesn’t affect me.”

She also tries to lighten up her feed by making jokes about the comments, which helps to balance the mood.

The Kardashian and Jenner family has been living in the public eye for a long time, and being reality stars attracts comments on all facets of their personal and public lives. Whether it’s endorsing a diet plan or a migraine medicine, Khloe has been under the public lens for all kinds of reasons. People always have opinions and social media has given everyone a platform to express their opinions, even when the opinions are hateful and hurtful.

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Though social media has yielded many incredible moments, it also has a darker side and trolls and haters love to rear their ugly heads. You’d have to have thick skin to be a public figure these days, and it looks like Khloe has the right attitude about people who don’t have anything nice to say.