What Lisa Rinna reportedly thinks of her daughter Amelia Hamlin dating Scott Disick

Just a phase or something more? After those recent shots of Amelia Hamlin and Scott Disick made their rounds on the internet, eyebrows everywhere began raising, including Lisa Rinna’s, reports E! News.

Reportedly, Amelia’s mega famous mom and her father, Harry Hamlin, have been keeping their eye on their daughter’s budding relationship as of late, but that’s about all.

As we previously reported, the romance rumors began revving up when the 19-year-old model and Lord Disick were spotted having a moment or two heading to Kendall Jenner’s 2020 Halloween party.

So what does Lisa Rinna think of her daughter potentially dating Scott Disick? According to a source for E! News, Amelia’s parents aren’t over her most recent ex just yet. The insider explained that Harry and Lisa were “sad” to see Amelia and former beau Mercer Wiederhorn call it quits.

Apparently, “they loved Mercer.” The source added, “He was like family, but they understand.”

Of course, being understanding might be easier while the new rumored relationship has yet to become official. The source also claimed that Amelia’s parents see this romantic “thing” between her and Scott as more of a fleeting fling, calling it “just a phase.”

Whether or not Scott and Amelia have defined their relationship yet, these two are spending more and more time together lately. Last weekend, the rumored lovebirds drove to Santa Barbara for a day at the beach.

As for Scott’s intentions with Amelia, the E! News source said he’s “having a good time” and “getting to know” her, adding, “They are spending a lot of time together but it’s nothing serious. He’s having fun with it.”

So is it just fun in the sun for Scott and Amelia? Right now, maybe. But I have to wonder, will Lisa Rinna be quite so cool about their relationship if her daughter and the 37-year-old reality star become something more? As always, time will tell.

With that said, as quickly as Scott tends to move through his romances, we’ll likely find out sooner rather than later.