The ‘other’ Kris Jenner house only used for KUWTK lists for $7.99 million

The house that stands in for Kris Jenner’s real house is on sale for a hefty price

Kris Jenner has quite a few residences, but the house that viewers have come to know on Keeping Up with the Kardashians isn’t her real home. The house, known as the Iredell Estate, is a stand-in for Jenner’s real house, and according to the New York Post it’s currently on the market for a cool $7.99 million.

Yes, even houses have stand-ins in Hollywood.

Interestingly enough, the Iredell Estate has been featured in a number of other television projects including True Blood, American Horror Story and a Victorias Secret commercial. It’s not surprising, as the 7,843 square foot mansion in Studio City is absolutely gorgeous.

The funny thing about this news is that the house looks nothing like Jenner’s house on the inside, even though its facade is what people “know” as her house.

The Iredell Estate is a proper beauty, with ornate wrought-iron finishes and coffered ceilings to complete the Mediterranean feel. There is no black and white tile floor, or white marble. The stonework is very natural and matches the neutral color palette of the house. While Jenner’s house is also stunning, the facade and her interior have nothing in common.

There are any number of reasons a celebrity might use a stand-in house for their own while filming a reality series. Though her house is tucked away in a gated community, having a well known house brings onlookers and tours and that isn’t fun for anyone who values privacy. (Okay, there’s a whole argument against being a reality star there, but we’ll just go with it).

The person who buys the Iredell Estate will end up dealing with the fans who still think it’s the Jenner House, but when you buy a famous house you end up getting its history with it.

What do you think? Would you buy the Iredell Estate if you had $7.99 million to spend? Let us know in the comments!