Why Kourtney Kardashian is getting slammed for saying she’ll miss KUWTK


KUWTK fans didn’t exactly see this one coming. In a plot twist of sorts, Kourtney Kardashian recently claimed she’ll miss the show when it officially comes to an end next year. Go figure.

And not so surprisingly, she’s now getting slammed on social media for what she said, reports BuzzFeed.

On Instagram, Kourtney shared a series of glamorous shots taken behind the scenes during a promotional photoshoot for the show. In the caption, she wrote, “I’m gonna miss our @kuwtk photo shoots.” Needless to say, fans of Keeping Up With the Kardashians didn’t miss their opportunity to call the reality star out for that remark.

As BuzzFeed notes, those commenting on Kourtney’s questionable post didn’t really seem to believe the Poosh founder’s words, especially considering how vocal she’s been about being against the show in recent years.

Many replied with comments like, “Are you though? lol” and “You legit wanted to quit though.” One person summed up what most of the masses seemed to be getting at in their responses, rhetorically asking, “Isn’t she the reason the show is over?” followed by a crying laughing face. Another simply stated, “Gurl, bye.” And we don’t blame them for that.

So is Kourtney Kardashian just now starting to feel reminiscent, or is the 41-year-old actually expressing a little remorse for her decision to quit the show for good? Who knows? Either way, Kourtney’s certainly allowed to miss what she has famously called the “nonstop for 14 years” that “occupied” her life for so long, even if she wants to leave it behind.

After all, not every moment of her life shared on the show was a negative experience for Kourtney, even if some of it definitely was. And to be fair, the reality star said she’d miss the glammed up photoshoots, not necessarily the show itself.

No matter how well-intended Kourtney’s words were, fans are still understandably confused by the sentiment, all things considered. And maybe even a little hurt by it!

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