Tiger King’s Joe Exotic asks Kim Kardashian to help him get out of jail

Joe Exotic. Tiger King. Image Courtesy of NETFLIX
Joe Exotic. Tiger King. Image Courtesy of NETFLIX /

Is Kim Kardashian about to get Joe Exotic out of jail? Maybe, but probably not.

You never know what Tiger King‘s leading man might do next, even from prison. Reportedly, the Netflix breakout star is now asking Kim Kardashian to help him get out of jail. According to reports by the New York Post, Joe reached out to the reality-star-turned-future-lawyer in an effort to get a Presidential Pardon. How bold.

In case you somehow missed all the explosive and entertaining drama that is Tiger King, the ex-zookeeper was convicted of trying to hire a hit man to kill his business rival and mortal enemy, Carole Baskin. As noted by the New York Post, reports that Joe is now hoping Kim will help him get a pardon from President Trump came out Tuesday.

Could this situation get any stranger? The answer, of course, is yes.

Joe Exotic, currently serving 22 years in prison, made his unusual plea through a handwritten letter, obtained by Entertainment Tonight. In his request to the reality star, Joe writes:

"I know you have never met me and may never want to however I do believe that you hold the values of our justice system dear to your heart. I am writing you this letter not as Joe Exotic but as the person Joseph Maldonado-Passage, asking you to please help me by just taking 10 minutes out of your life and placing a call to President Trump to look at my 257 page pardon it’s all the evidence I’m innocent and ask him to sign my pardon so I can return home to [my husband] Dillon [Passage] and my father."

He continues with:

"I have lost 57 years of work, my zoo, my animals, my mother has died, my dad is dying and I’ve been taken away from my husband who I love dearly. Everyone is so busy making movies, getting interviews, selling stuff and dressing up like me that everyone forgot I’m a real live person in prison and kept from even telling my own story for something I didn’t do."

So what happens next, you ask? Good question. Joe wraps up his request by asking Kim Kardashian to give him a call, and claims that “no one even has to know you did it.”

Well, sorry Joe, it looks like the cat is officially out of the bag with this one. Whether or not Kim is going to take his case to the current President is another story. However, the SKIMS founder has been open with her fans in the past about being a mega fan of Tiger King.

And like Joe Exotic, you never know what Kim Kardashian might have up her sleeve, so stay tuned.

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