This singer just admitted she forgot she dated Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)
Rob Kardashian (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images) /

Well, this is awkward.

Remember when Rob Kardashian and Rita Ora briefly dated? I feel like most of us probably do. But apparently, Rita Ora does not. According to a report by BuzzFeed, someone actually had to remind the singer that she once dated the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star. In fact, she “totally” forgot about their relationship. Ouch.

As noted by TooFab, Rob and Rita’s short-lived love affair lasted only two months. And that was about eight years ago now.

When asked about the nature of their relationship during an interview with The Sunday Times, the “RIP” singer drew a blank and then claimed that she forgot “about that.” While speaking to the publication, Rita explained why her time dating Rob likely slipped her mind, stating that it was “a very short-lived” relationship.

She went on to say that she was “so young,” adding, “It was great. It was fun. It was very, very fun, I guess. That’s all I remember.” Well, that’s better than nothing, I guess.

Back in 2012, Rob Kardashian pretty much accused his forgetful ex of cheating on him, seemingly leading to the demise of their relatively brief, but extremely public, relationship.

As noted by Too Fab, the reality star came for Rita on Twitter, accusing–but not directly naming–an ex of cheating on him. Immediately, the fans suspected he was talking about the songstress. Considering Rita never said that it wasn’t about her, people believed it probably was.

Flash forward to 2020, and it looks like at least one of them has forgotten most of what happened between them, for better or worse. Still, I wonder how Rob feels about how much his ex claims to not remember.

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