Kate Middleton a completely different person behind closed doors

Prince William and Kate Middleton (Photo by Ian Vogler - WPA Pool/Getty Images)
Prince William and Kate Middleton (Photo by Ian Vogler - WPA Pool/Getty Images) /

Kate Middleton is a completely different person behind closed doors

Kate Middleton might be known as a fashion icon and strong leader in the public eye, but according to a friend, she’s a completely different person behind closed doors.

Speaking with People, an unnamed friend of Kate’s spoke candidly about what Kate is like when the paparazzi, cameras, and prying eyes of the public are not looking. As it turns out, Kate is much different when in the company of family and out of the public eye with Kate being described as “very chilled at home.”

As her friend explained, Kate very much enjoys her role as a mother and the busy family home she and William have built. Although Kate’s friend describes her as being very chilled at home, she also made it clear that Kate is a “very confident mom” who isn’t afraid to correct her little ones when they act up.

Kate Middleton prefers gym clothes and a ponytail when behind closed doors

Not only does Kate take on a more chilled demeanor behind closed doors, but she also enjoys keeping her attire much more casual than the fashion-forward attire she typically dons when out and about.

According to Kate’s friend, Kate prefers ditching her perfectly styled hair for a simple ponytail and laid-back attire including gym clothes, casual dresses, and sneakers. Additionally, Kate is said to keep things natural by going makeup-free.

"“There are no blow-dries—it’s always hair up in a ponytail,” Kate’s friend told People. “She’s either in her gym clothes, or a dress and sneakers, very little makeup apologizing as she’s late for the school run before dashing off. It’s the life of a working mom with three young children—just a different sort of day job to most.”"

Honestly, we love knowing that Kate likes to keep things casual when she’s enjoying time at home with her family and might just be one of the most relatable revelations about the royal icon. At the end of the day, Kate is only human and who doesn’t like wearing their favorite casualwear while in the comfort of their home?!

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Do you love that Kate Middleton is completely different behind closed doors in brushing away her royal demeanor and embracing a more laid-back style when in the comfort of her home?