Kylie Jenner re-follows several friends but leaves Sofia Richie in the cold

Kylie Jenner arrives for the 61st Annual Grammy Awards (Photo credit should VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images)
Kylie Jenner arrives for the 61st Annual Grammy Awards (Photo credit should VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images) /

Kylie Jenner re-follows several besties, but Sofia Richie not one of lucky few

On Jan. 8, Kylie Jenner shocked fans when she went on a massive social media purge and mysteriously unfollowed nearly all of her closest friends with the exception of her bestie Stassie Karanikolaou.

The move to unfollow all of her friends left many scratching their heads and wondering what might have been behind the move. After all, unfollowing one friend is often the sign of a feud or falling out but unfollowing everyone but one lucky friend, family, and a handful of fan accounts is something entirely different.

Whatever Kylie’s motivations were, it seems she’s had a change of heart at least regarding a few of her pals.

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Days after unfollowing them, Kylie has officially chosen to re-follow Fai Khadra, Harry Hudson, Yris Palmer — while also following Justin & Hailey Bieber, though it’s unclear if she was previously following the pair. While Kylie chose to re-follow most of her pals, there are four notable acquaintances who Kylie seems to have left out in the cold those friends being Sofia Richie, Rosalia, Ariel Tejada, and Victoria Villarroel.

Did Kylie Jenner have a falling out with Sofia Richie?

Although confusing, Kylie’s decision to unfollow Rosalia, Ariel, and Victoria isn’t near as puzzling as her decision to unfollow Sofia Richie who has long been one of her closest pals.

Even before Kylie became one of the most influential and successful celebrities in the industry — helping her to attract the attention of many of her current pals — Kylie and Sofia were the best of friends attending concerts, snapping selfies, and just enjoying one another’s company. As Kyle’s star rose, Sofia remained close friends as the two continued to support each other through the ups and downs of life.

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Things, however, seemed to get a bit murky when Sofia began seeing Scott Disick. When Scott and Sofia called it quits, Kylie seemed to stand by her friend; however, her decision to unfollow Sofia seems to suggest the pair might have had a falling out.

While Sofia and Kylie have been pals for years, Scott is basically family so it would make sense that if forced to pick sides Kylie would choose Scott’s… even if it meant putting distance between her one-time friend.

Who knows, maybe Kylie’s decision to unfollow most of her friends was a ploy to try to throw fans off her scent when all she truly wanted to do was unfollow Sofia and others with who she has fallen out with.

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Do you find it odd that Kylie has since re-followed Fai Khadra, Harry Hudson, and Yris Palmer, but left Sofia Richie, Rosalia, Ariel Tejada, and Victoria Villarroel out in the cold? Could her unfollowing purge have been Kylie’s way of trying to lessen the blow of wanting to simply unfollow a more limited group?