Addison Rae to make her Keeping Up with the Kardashians debut in final season

Addison Rae (Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Netflix)
Addison Rae (Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Netflix) /

2021 is shaping up to be quite the monumental year for TikTok star Addison Rae!

Filming on her debut movie He’s All That wrapped in December 2020 setting the stage for the film to possibly arrive sometime this year. And her endorsement deals continue to see success as evident with the $4 million she recently netted American Eagle.

And then there’s the continued success of her TikTok career. In 2021, Addison is not only primed to cross the 5 billion — yes that’s billion, with a “b” — likes mark, but could very well hit the 100 million followers mark.

It also appears that Rae will get to join an elite group this spring when she becomes the latest Kardashian bestie to make her Keeping Up with the Kardashians debut.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians trailer teases Addison Rae’s KUWTK debut

From the moment Addison first entered the Kardashian family’s orbit in sparking a friendship with Kourtney Kardashian, fans have been abuzz about whether Addison might eventually pop up on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. 

Considering how frequently Addison popped up on Kourtney’s social feed in 2020, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she’d be called up to the big leagues and receive the honor of appearing on the series. Still, it’s a major milestone for Addison as the family has long been selective about which members of their inner circle they choose to bring into the KUWTK bubble.

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While it remains to be seen just how frequently Addison might appear in the show’s final episode, we did get our first look at Addison in action via the dramatic new KUWTK season 20 trailer!

In the blink and you’ll miss it tease (which can be seen at the 0:49 mark in the video), Addison is seen having drinks with Kim set against what seems to be an oceanside backdrop. Drink in hand, Addison is all smiles as she seems to be enjoying a laugh with Kim and company.

Hopefully, the next season 20 trailer will offer up a better look at Addison’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians appearance!

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