Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian body-shamed by Piers Morgan

Kylie Jenner (L) and Kim Kardashian West (Photo by Taylor Jewell/Getty Images for Vogue)
Kylie Jenner (L) and Kim Kardashian West (Photo by Taylor Jewell/Getty Images for Vogue) /

Piers Morgan is in hot water with Kardashian fans for his decision to body-shame Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian for their steamy 2021 Valentine’s Day SKIMS’ photoshoot with sister Kendall Jenner.

To help promote the 2021 SKIMS Valentine’s Day collection, Kim Kardashian was joined by her two little sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner which definitely managed to get fans talking. Sporting pieces from the new intimates collection, the three sisters give Charlie’s Angels a run for their money as visions in red.

Although the photoshoot has inspired mostly positive reviews from fans, there was one person who was not impressed by the photoshoot — or at least Kylie and Kim’s appearance in the shoot.

“If I were Kim & Kylie, I’d stop being photographed with Kendall,” Good Morning Britain commentator Piers Morgan tweeted in response to the photoshoot, a remark which quickly rallied Kardashian fans who were not happy with Piers’ apparent body-shaming of Kylie and Kim.

“What is the point of this tweet? Three beautiful successful women and you somehow find an issue?” commented one angered individual. “They are all gorgeous! But seriously beauty comes in all forms in and out,” added another fan, lambasting Piers’ comment about the Kardashian-Jenners.

Even those who don’t consider themselves to be Kardashian-Jenner fans came to the sisters’ defense in calling Piers out for his comments pitting the sisters against one another over their looks.

“It doesn’t matter who they are, body-shaming comments are not acceptable… it’s bullying and there’s no need for it,” added one user. “Everyone should be comfortable in their own skin. I’m not a Kardashian/Jenner fan but these girls look stunning.”

Piers Morgan calls Kendall Jenner hotter than Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian

Rather than issuing an apology of any kind in response to the backlash from fans, Piers decided to instead double down on his remarks much to fans’ dismay.

“My Kardashians tweet has prompted flagons of faux-feminist foul-mouthed, fat-shaming fury. Apparently, it’s illegal to think one’s hotter (Kendall) than the others,” Piers replied via a follow-up tweet in which he also shared a photoshopped image of himself which he encouraged individuals to “objectify.”

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At this point, none of the Kardashians have responded to Piers’ comments and it’s unlikely they will. Instead, they’re likely to take the high road and ignore the internet trolling.

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