Jordyn Woods raises eyebrows by using Kendall and Kylie Jenner Instagram filter

Last we heard, Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods were definitely not best friends anymore. Frankly, they probably won’t ever be as close as they were before the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal. But who knows?

Time is said to heal all wounds, and apparently, Khloe Kardashian has no ill feelings towards Kylie’s ex-best friend. So even though Jordyn Woods once kissed Khloe’s beau, there’s always some chance these former BFFs could reconcile someday, or at least be on better terms.

That day may not be today, but Jordyn Woods has now made it seem like she and Kylie Jenner might be in a friendlier place than they’ve been in a while, even if they’re not technically good friends. As noted by Just Jared, the 23-year-old influencer seems to have given her former bestie a surprising shoutout on social media. And obviously, the fans took notice instantly.

Jordyn Woods uses Kendall + Kylie Instagram filter

Spending some time in her boyfriend’s digs, Woods gave a virtual tour of Karl-Anthony Towns’ home on Instagram. The tour itself definitely wasn’t an out-of-character thing to do. However, it wasn’t the tour itself that caught the most attention from viewers. Per Just Jared, Jordyn used the Kylie + Kendall slim filter during the video. While the Instagram filter was created by user @sasha_soul_art and not Kylie herself, it definitely seemed like a quiet message to the masses that these two are in a better place these days.

Or at least, it implied that perhaps Jordyn Woods would like them to be.

You can see a screenshot of Jordyn’s Instagram Story here.

Some online believe Jordyn’s use of the Kylie + Kendall filter is more of a publicity stunt than a peace offering to Kylie. No matter Jordyn’s intention, using a filter with Kylie’s name on it was surely no accident. In turn, it has definitely prompted questions among fans about where these two really stand right now.