Kanye West reportedly hopes to ‘reconcile’ with Kim Kardashian at some point in the future

Every week, it seems like we learn something new and sometimes shocking about Kim Kardashian’s and Kanye West’s pending divorce.

These two are moving on from their marriage, and it also seems like both parties are coming to terms with it recently. The process has reportedly been difficult for the Kardashian-Wests in different ways, but the divorce itself might not be that messy, seeing as they both want what’s best for their children.

On top of that, Kim Kardashian has apparently been open about the fact that she still loves Kanye and wants the best for him, no matter what happens between them. Divorce aside, Kanye may want to try again someday, it seems. Or at least, that’s what one source close to the rapper and reality star claims.

Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West getting back together?

According to a source for Entertainment Tonight, Kanye West hopes to “reconcile” with Kim Kardashian eventually, but he apparently knows that it won’t happen any time soon. The source says that the divorce has been “difficult” for ‘Ye, but, “knowing that he has access to his little ones” and will likely be awarded joint custody is making what he’s been going through “easier.”

The source for ET goes on to reveal that Kim and Kanye reportedly remain in contact “with regards to their kids,” claiming that the rapper “has hope that they will reconcile.” However, Kanye is reportedly “not expecting” a reconciliation to happen “in the immediate future.”

In contrast, Kim has said she feels “relieved” to be getting divorced, “but concerned” about Kanye.

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Per ET, the SKIMS founder cited irreconcilable differences as the reason she ultimately filed for divorce, which we’ve now learned was “a long time coming” in Kim’s eyes. As for the actual date of their official separation, it’s currently listed as “TBD,” says ET. Reportedly, a prenuptial agreement is already in place and Kim is “seeking joint and legal custody” of all four of their children.

Moving forward, Kim Kardashian has stated she still wants what’s best for Kanye West, no matter what. But of course, whether or not she’d be open to reconciling someday remains a bit of a mystery for now. Seeing as Kardashian is the one who filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences, it’s safe to assume these two are currently not on the same page when it comes to getting back together, to say the least.