Kendall Jenner reportedly leaves home with no plans to return after stalker incidents

In lieu of recent events, Kendall Jenner has reportedly left her home in Beverley Hills and doesn’t have any plans of returning to the home.

The 25-five-year-old American model has moved out due to her most recent stalker incident where a man, Malik Bowker, bought a gun with the intent to murder her at her house. Not too long before, her house was invaded by a naked trespasser who swam in her home’s pool.

As for Bowker, he is currently being detained in a psychiatric facility to undergo evaluation, however, the LAPD warned the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star that he may not be detained for long. Because of this, Jenner has filed a restraining order against him, but, most likely, she still had a lot of anxiety about the fact that these individuals knew where she lived and how to get to her.

Kendall Jenner forced to leave house over stalkers

Though the celebrity has recently hired more bodyguards to be by her side, according to TMZ, Kendall Jenner ultimately decided that leaving her house would be in her best interest for her safety.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that Jenner has had a run-in with stalkers and intruders.

In 2016, Shavaughn McKenzie confessed that he tracked Jenner’s location for almost 15 months before finally showing up at her Hollywood Hills driveway. Scared to death, Jenner called the police and stayed in the car.

In 2018, a man named John Ford broke into the model’s home for a third time despite being told profusely to stay away. Eventually, Ford was deported back to Canada and Jenner was granted a five-year restraining order against him.

The same year, she took to her Twitter to express her frustrations towards media outlets and the paparazzi who make where she stays and when she gets home public knowledge.

Naturally, we agree with her. Kendall Jenner’s safety, as well as everyone’s safety, should not be a question. Everyone deserves privacy and should feel safe in their own home.

As for where she’s residing now, no one knows. However, it’s probably best to keep it that way.