The Circle season 2: Are Chloe and Mitchell dating?

THE CIRCLE Mitchell in season 2 of THE CIRCLE. Cr. Netflix ©2021
THE CIRCLE Mitchell in season 2 of THE CIRCLE. Cr. Netflix ©2021 /

The Circle season 2 on Netflix features betrayal, hot tea, and drama. But things may have ended on a romantic note, at least for two players! Are Chloe and Mitchell dating?

Mitchell may not have won The Circle season 2, but he sure did steal all our hearts! Mitchell is loyal and played a fair game, maybe too fair because he didn’t exactly make many friends and was blocked.

However, Chloe did show interest in Mitchell from the start. Her heart was always with Trevor, but you can’t blame a single girl for flirting! Mitchell is a true pal, though, and friend-zoned Chloe as soon as he learned that Trevor (aka Deleesa) was interested! At the end of the day, it turned out Trevor was a catfish so hey, fair game!

Audiences watching The Circle season 2 finale could see Chloe and Mitchell chatting behind the scenes. We know there is interest, but what happened after the cameras turned off?

Are Chloe and Mitchell dating from The Circle season 2?

Cosmopolitan has the scoop! According to the source, Chloe and Mitchell’s friendship has indeed turned romantic, but how serious are they?

In an interview with the source, Chloe Veitch (aka our Essex queen) shared that Deleesa and her are good friends. Chloe commented that she speaks with Deleesa often and she’ll always be there to chat about boys, and Mitchell.

Excuse me, Mitchell? Cosmopolitan is quick to ask about that!

Chloe spills that she and Mitchell “speak all the time” and not just “normal” conversations, but about the future, such as her going to L.A. to visit him. And, they shared a kiss just after the cameras turned off when filming the finale! Love it.

Unfortunately, due to the distance, it’s not official, but they both seem to truly be interested. Netflix premieres The Circle: Afterparty which will catch us up on what the players have been up to since filming.

Don’t miss the reunion episode, I’m sure it’ll give us more details about where Chloe and Mitchell stand.

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