Kris Jenner calls out Kourtney Kardashian as being hardest daughter to manage

Kris Jenner (Photo by Ryan Emberley/amfAR/Getty Images for amfAR)
Kris Jenner (Photo by Ryan Emberley/amfAR/Getty Images for amfAR) /

Kris Jenner might not have a favorite daughter, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a favorite daughter to manage and, more specifically, a least favorite daughter to manage as a momager!

Sitting down with Andy Cohen, Kris and her daughters came together to reflect upon the legacy of Keeping Up with the Kardashians in an honest conversation in which no topic was off-limits.

Among the many topics that came up during the reunion special was whether Kris Jenner truly has a favorite daughter — a point of conversation that has come up several times over the years on KUWTK. 

Who is Kris Jenner’s favorite daughter?

Although Kris does not have a favorite child, she did confess to having a favorite child to manage and a least favorite child to manage as a momager!

When it comes to the positives, Kris had no issue confessing that Kendall Jenner is hands down the easiest child to manage as a momager; however, the same cannot be said of her eldest daughter Kourtney who she called her most difficult daughter to manage.

To her defense, Kourtney recognized she isn’t always the easiest person to manage in revealing that she’s not quite as agreeable in signing on to do things that aren’t of interest to her.

"“I don’t want to do things if it’s not something I’m really into doing,” Kourtney commented in defending herself. “My answer is no for most things and if it’s gonna be yes, I want to know every detail of what I’m gonna be asked of.”"

How big of a cut does Kris Jenner take as a manager to her daughters?

Managing her daughters — no matter how easy or difficult that might be at times — does pay well apparently though for Kris Jenner! As confirmed during the reunion, Kris receives a 10 percent cut of her children’s earnings as their momager for the deals she helps to coordinate.

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Although that might sound excessive to those on the outside, Khloe made it clear that the cut of their earnings which Kris takes is more than earned in her job as their manager. As Khloe put it, “Our mom is giving us our careers. It’s only fair she gets paid for that.”

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