Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker have been talking marriage: Report

CEO and founder of Poosh, Kourtney Kardashian (Photo by Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images)
CEO and founder of Poosh, Kourtney Kardashian (Photo by Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images) /

After a fun Fourth of July weekend with Travis Barker’s daughters, it seems that Kourtney Kardashian has checked off all of the boxes required for her to become the Blink-182 star’s wife.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians celeb was absolutely adored by the drummer’s girls, Alabama Barker and Atiana De La Hoya, which shows that they’re game for a blended family. Now, the only thing left for Kourtney to do is to say “yes” to a Travis Barker on one bended-knee–and she may be saying that three-letter word very soon, if she hasn’t already.

It is widely known that these two have been hitting it off extremely well throughout this year and are head-over-heels for each other, and E! News insiders tell us earlier this week that the pair may be prepared to take it up a notch sometime soon.

“Kourtney and Travis have talked about marriage,” one source states. “It was an instant connection and bond ever since they became romantically involved.” Another source agreed, stating that the two celebrities aren’t “shy about talking about their future plans of being together.”

Are Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker engaged?

This report comes amid rumors that Kourtney and Travis might already be engaged! After some suspicious social media posts this week where Travis’ daughter Alabama wished the pair well and Kourtney’s stylist wrote about tying the knot in Las Vegas, people are all but convinced the musician has popped the question.

Additionally, The Sun is even reporting that the two are, in fact, getting married. Here’s what a source tells them:

"“I think Travis has been planning the proposal for ages. They want to start their own family together – that is the bigger thing for them because they both have kids, but they want to bring the two families together.”"

Officially engaged or not, it’s clear Kourtney and Travis are in it for the long haul. The two not shying away from planning a future together can be seen in each of them going extra lengths to ensure that they spend more than enough time with one another’s family.

During Easter weekend, Barker was seen golfing with the Kardashian-Jenner family, and more recently, the Blink-182 drummer gifted Penelope Disick a drum set for her ninth birthday. Additionally, besides spending time at Disneyland earlier this month, Kourtney Kardashian has also gone on various other trips with Alabama and Atiana including nice vacays in Utah and Montecito, California.

“Everyone in the family adores Travis and their families mesh seamlessly”, an E! News source also says. “Kourtney is so close with Travis’s kids now and vice versa. They have become a family unit together and it’s special.”

While it was obvious that the couple’s relationship was heading to a beautiful marriage, we finally have concrete evidence that lets us know what’s to come in the near future–wedding bells, blended families, and maybe even a child on the way.

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