Kendall Jenner called out after TikToker finds bug in 818 Tequila bottle

Kendall Jenner‘s tequila brand has had quite a tumultuous shelf life, and it’s clear that the brand won’t be avoiding negative criticisms anytime soon.

Earlier this year, 818 Tequila came under fire after many believed the promotional campaign for the alcoholic beverage was extremely offensive to Mexican culture and believed that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was culturally appropriating yet again. In addition to this, 818 Tequila’s branding was also believed to be an exact copy of another tequila company, Tequila 512, something that the reality TV star has yet to address.

Kendall Jenner may have to address the latest criticism as a buying customer found an unpleasant surprise in their $60 bottle.

TikToker finds bug in Kendall Jenner’s tequila bottle

TikToker @kait_tc let us know that her frustrations after she bought a new, unopened bottle of 818 Tequila and found a small bug in the bottle. Additionally, the TikToker believed that the small bug was in the drink for quite some time, which may be a slight jab to the overseers of Jenner‘s drink. You can see the video below.

@kait_tc@kendalljenner your doing great sweetie♬ original sound – kaitlyn

Replies underneath the video are not letting this mistake go unnoticed as the majority of the commenters believe that a celebrity of such a high caliber should have done a better job in terms of her drink’s quality assurance, and are urging for the TikToker to purchase from another vendor.

“Why would you even buy that? Smh please buy authentic tequila,” one commenter stated, while another agreed voicing, “It’s the ancestors telling you to only buy tequila from Mexican-owned tequila companies and not support culture vultures.”

However, a few comments expressed that the bug wasn’t such a big deal especially considering the fact that more authentic brands tend to purposefully put a scorpion or worm in their drinks to change the taste or just for kicks.

“Am I the only one who thinks it isn’t a big deal,” one reply read, and another echoed these same feelings, coming to the celeb’s defense with, “Everybody acting like it’s Kendall[‘s] fault that one bottle has something [in it].” The comments may be split but one thing remains certain–there is definitely a bug in the bottle.

UPDATE 7/22/2021: 818 Tequila has since released a statement about the situation, saying:

“Bottling is performed in an artisanal environment that is not perfect, incidents like this are extremely rare but they can happen. We’re transparent about our tequila-making process and will continue to uphold the highest standards of health and safety from the day we plant the agaves to when the bottles of 818 tequila are sustainably packaged to share with the world. We’ve been in touch with Kaitlyn and have provided her with a new bottle of 818.”