Kardashian fans troll Tristan Thompson for posting inspirational quote on Instagram

Tristan Thompson (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Tristan Thompson (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

After Tristan Thompson took jabs at ex-basketball player Lamar Odom weeks ago, it was evident that the public was not taking Thompson’s side in this unnecessary feud. Comments about Odom’s near-death fatal overdose didn’t bode well with anyone including the Kardashians who believed that the Boston Celtics player was being “childish” and should refrain from making such unkind statements.

Now that he knows that no one is coming to his defense, it seems that Tristan Thompson is attempting to turn over a new leaf, advocating for peace and tranquility as opposed to messiness and hostility. Naturally, with this sudden transformation from the man who started the war, Kardashian fans simply aren’t buying the white flag Thompson’s selling.

Tristan Thompson gets trolled over Instagram quote

The 30-year-old took to his Instagram Story to post an inspirational quote that called for loving others and being kind in the limited time we have on this Earth. (You can see a screenshot of the inspirational quote here.)

While this may be a favorable outlook to have on life, many Reddit fans believe that Thompson’s message is completely ingenuine especially given this basketball player’s lengthy problematic history.

“Where was that kindness when he was replying to Lamar on Instagram and brought up his OD?”, one Redditor mentioned, while another sarcastically stated, “Be Kind! We have limited time on earth don’t waste it on being respectful to women.” This shows that fans feel this peaceful message is extremely rich coming from the guy who constantly interrupts the peace of his own household.

Though the majority of the Reddit Kardashian fans were quick to bring up Tristan Thompson’s past mistakes of malicious behavior, they couldn’t do so without acknowledging that the real victim in this entire situation is his ex-girlfriend, Khloe Kardashian.

“I feel like it’s fun for him to humiliate Khloe,” one commenter expressed. “Khloe made some mistakes but by this point this guy is basically evil and vindictive.” This individual may have a good point.

Tristan Thompson does tend to backtrack after being exposed for his unkind actions, and he attempts to do so by posting things like heartfelt birthday messages or randomly expressing his love to his ex-girlfriend to seemingly atone for his mistakes.

Watching him go back and forth is definitely confusing at times, which is why some lighthearted trolling from fans is understandable. Hopefully, going forward, Thompson will leave inspirational quotes to Khloe Kardashian to avoid any more trolling.

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