Fans notice gold band around Kylie Jenner’s ring finger—is she engaged to Travis Scott?

With Kylie Jenner getting further and further into her pregnancy, fans are wondering whether or not Travis Scott would ever put a ring on his “wifey”‘s finger.

After all, the two have been on and off for more than three years now and have gotten extremely close. They’ve even publically professed their love to one another in their respective ways. Scott laments on his songs about the love he has for his partner and Jenner has never hesitated to take to Instagram to let the world know how much he means to her.

With this in mind, it wouldn’t be too crazy to assume that the mysterious band on Jenner’s ring finger represents Scott’s desire to be with her forever. Eagle-eyed fans saw a gold ring in a recent Instagram post which was almost hidden by Jenner’s sleeve. So, what does it mean? A sentimental gift or an engagement?

Are Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott engaged?

E! News reports that though their relationship is going strong, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are not in fact engaged at the moment, meaning the gold ring does not represent what many initially thought.

Even still, the bling that Jenner does show off in the photo holds a lot of value.

The jewelry was bought in a pair, with each gifted to two special girls in Travis Scott’s life, his girlfriend and their baby girl, Stormi Webster. Scott bought the Toi et Moi rings to commemorate the love they share, a love that can never be broken between mother and daughter.

UPDATE: A previous version of this story stated that the rings were bought at Platinum Guild International USA, which is incorrect. We’ve since updated our information.


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Jenny Luker, the president of Platinum Guild International USA, said the following about the rings:

“These are matching Toi et Moi rings (translated to ‘You and Me’) that appear to be set in platinum, a naturally white metal, so the fancy shaped diamonds will sparkle even brighter. And the platinum prongs will hold both diamonds most securely. We’ve spotted this style on other celebrities including Ariana Grande, and it’s sentimental because it symbolizes the union of two people. I would estimate Kylie’s platinum ring has 10-12 carats of diamonds and costs approximately $300,000. And Stormi’s platinum ring has approximately 2-5 carats and costs approximately $40,000.”

If Scott ever purchases an engagement ring for Jenner, like Travis Barker did for Kourtney Kardashian, he’ll most likely drop $1 million for the meaningful jewel.

Hopefully, these extravagant rings mark the beginning of Travis Scott‘s journey of finding the perfect ring to propose to Kylie Jenner with. So far, so good.