Pete Davidson celebrates his birthday with Kim Kardashian in Palm Springs

Kim Kardashian’s relationship with Pete Davidson is heating up, and these two lovebirds are not hiding the fact that they’re spending more time together.

As fans know, Davidson has not only spent time with Kardashian on numerous occasions such as grabbing a bit to eat in Staten Island and having dinner together in California, but also accompanied Kardashian to Knott’s Scary Farm where they hung out with friends.

The two celebs continue to hang out and so it’s not surprising that the Saturday Night Live star wanted to spend time with his new potential girlfriend for his 28th birthday. And boy, that’s cute!

Pete Davidson celebrated his birthday with Kim Kardashian and family

People Magazine reports that Kim Kardashian threw a small birthday bash at her mother Kris Jenner’s home in Palm Springs to celebrate Pete Davidson’s special day.

The party was held on his birthday, Nov. 16, and was attended by a few of his close friends which included Flavor Flav. The rapper affectionately referred to the comedian as his “adoptive son,” and thanks to him, we got an adorable picture of Davidson, Kardashian and Jenner together where they appear to be wearing matching outfits.

See the Instagram picture of all the celebs down below.

Despite Pete Davidson residing on the East Coast, Kim Kardashian made an effort to celebrate his new year of life and, according to a source, this happens and will continue to happen regularly.

“Even when they are on different coasts, Kim and Pete stay in touch,” the source told People Magazine. “They are getting to know each other better and getting along great.”

With the holidays coming up, we are bound to see more pictures of the pair getting to know each other more which will be super exciting for fans of the celebrities to see.

Now the only question is whether Kim Kardashian will spend Thanksgiving in New York, or if Pete Davidson will remain on the West Coast with his crush a little longer. Either way, we’re here for it!