Kanye West sends Kim Kardashian Valentine’s Day roses as her romance with Pete Davidson heats up

Despite it being a full year since it was reported that Kim Kardashian was divorcing Kanye West, the musician is still in the fight to win back the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star.

His recent attempts to rekindle with Kardashian have been all but subtle as he not only publicly speaks about his desires to be with her again on stage but also takes to his Instagram to discuss how much he needs her to his millions of fans.

However, it seems that Kanye West is switching it up from being all talk to being all action as his current plan to win Kim Kardashian back includes butting into her Valentine’s Day plans despite her having a new man to celebrate the special holiday with.

Kanye West’s Valentine’s Day gift to Kim Kardashian

E! News reports that Kanye West supposedly sent Kim Kardashian (and their four kids) a truck full of red roses to signify his love for them on the love-filled holiday. The truck had the words “My Vision is Krystal Klear” on it, which, though we don’t know the exact meaning of, can be presumed to be a play on the Kardashian’s name and a declaration of who he has his sights set on.

“Kanye is relentless and is desperately trying to get Kim back,” a source expressed. “He sent a huge custom floral arrangement to Kim and the kids this morning and has been trying to get in touch with her.”

At this time, we don’t know how Kardashian feels about West’s current Valentine’s Day tactic. However, it’s safe to assume that she’s becoming increasingly bothered by his recent actions that not only include giving her lavish gifts she never asked for but also making her Valentine, Pete Davidson, feel extremely unsafe.

In a series of now-deleted Instagram posts, West shared his texts with his estranged wife, most of which seemed to be about how he’s creating a toxic environment for Pete Davidson to live in.

“There are dangerous people out there and this is scary and it doesn’t have to be,” Kardashian wrote in the shared text to which West replied, “I will always do everything to protect you and our family forever. And I listened to you and told everyone to make sure nothing physical happens to Skete [Pete].”

After this, Kardashian wrote, “Why can’t you keep any of our conversations private???” and West replied, “Cause I got a text from my favorite person in the world. I’m your number one fan, why wouldn’t I tell everyone!!!”

Kanye West has since deleted the screenshots as well as his Instagram Story showing off the truck full of roses, which is leading many to think he may back down. But with him being a wild card, it’s hard to say if this is the end of his incessant shenanigans, or if it’s only the beginning.

Stay tuned for more updates.