Kim Kardashian pleads for courts to end her marriage as soon as possible

Kim Kardashian West of 'The Justice Project' (Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)
Kim Kardashian West of 'The Justice Project' (Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images) /

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s divorce may have started as an amicable process, but as of late, it seems that these former lovers have become new bitter enemies.

Fans were taken aback when they saw West air out all his divorce drama on social media, taking all sorts of digs at Kardashian including one that alluded to her not being a great mother. Fortunately, West ceased his unruly behavior on social media when his team (and fans) alerted him that he was emotionally abusing his estranged wife online. However by then, the damage was already done and Kim Kardashian was already very drained.

Though the dust has settled in regards to the relentless online banter, the real battle is far from over as Kardashian and West still haven’t reached a conclusion of their divorce. The reason lies in Kanye West, once again, being unreasonably difficult.

When will Kim Kardashian officially divorce Kanye West?

According to USA Today, currently, there is no answer either party can give when asked when their divorce will be finalized as West’s combative behavior, including his social media meltdown, is dragging out the process.

“Mr. West, by his actions, has made it clear that he does not accept that the parties’ marital relationship is over,” the obtained court files read. “Mr. West has disseminated on social media the parties’ private communications and misinformation about personal family matters and co-parenting, which has caused emotional distress.”

Kim Kardashian’s emotional distress, as fans know, unfortunately, doesn’t stop there.

In December 2021, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star threw Kanye West for a loop when she filed to be considered legally single not too long after dropping the “West” from her last name. The reality star did this at a time when West was rumored to be dating around, so it seemed that he would accept her pleas for both emotional and legal separation. However, once she filed, West became even more willing to prevent this divorce from happening.

Not too long after, West went on to purchase a house across from Kim Kardashian. The exact reasons why are currently unknown but it can be assumed the musician did this to keep a close eye on Kardashian who, at the time, was growing closer to Pete Davidson.

This sudden action allegedly led to Davidson and Kardashian not being comfortable with spending Christmas together. But, most importantly, West purchasing a house across from his estranged wife made it unmistakable clear to everyone that he was not going to let Kim go that easy.

All this and much more is why Kim Kardashian is reportedly begging for the courts to end her marriage as soon as possible, especially because there is no telling what more tricks West has up his sleeve.

As always, we wish Kim Kardashian nothing but the best and hope this divorce process comes to an end so she can move forward with her life and live happily.

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