Kanye West and Tristan Thompson reconnect for a night out together

Now that Kanye West‘s drama with Kim Kardashian has cooled down for the time being, it seems the musician is focusing on building stronger relationships with his loved ones both new and old.

Earlier this week West was spotted kicking it back with his new boo Chaney Jones in Miami, Florida. The two looked to be rather comfortable around one another, genuinely enjoying each other’s presence.

West’s meet-up with his girlfriend probably had him itching for more quality time with his favorite people because on Tuesday, the “Eazy” rapper was spotted hanging out with NBA athlete Tristan Thompson. Though fans know West and Thompson are familiar through the Kardashians, some aren’t too sure about the true extent of this pairing. Are they good pals? We tell you everything to know here.

Are Kanye West and Tristan Thompson friends?

According to US Weekly, Kanye West and Tristan Thompson are, indeed, good friends. So much so, that they met up at the Setai Hotel in Miami Beach to chill with their mutual friends.

“Kanye and Tristan were laughing and having a great time,” an insider revealed to the media outlet. “They stayed at dinner for about an hour and a half and looked to be enjoying each other’s company.”

Of course, Reddit fans certainly ate this rare duo up, having plenty to say about how random the pairing truly is.

“Almost filling up my Kardashian bingo card,” one fan stated while another hilariously joked, “Plot twist: Scott took this photo.”

Some fans even speculated that the two had a “Kardashian burn book” on the way, being that they both have their fair share of Kardashian controversies they either bore witness to or, (more times than not) have been the reason why the drama began in the first place.

In terms of West, as we know, he has a long list of Kardashian offenses. However, his most notable include his admittance of being unfaithful while married to Kim Kardashian, his allegation that his ex-wife isn’t the best mother, and, more recently, his Pete Davidson smear campaign. And as for Thompson, he stirred the pot for the Kardashian family by cheating on Khloe Kardashian multiple times despite the two sharing a daughter.

Unfortunately, these transgressions don’t even scratch the surface for these two.

Perhaps they came together to come up with a game plan to correct their past mistakes. Or, maybe they do have a burn book on the way. Only time will tell what their recent night out was all about, but until that day comes, we await Kanye West and Tristan Thompson’s next boys’ night out.