Blac Chyna allegedly threatened to kill Kylie Jenner (Court case updates)

More updates surrounding Blac Chyna‘s ongoing case against the Kardashian-Jenner family are coming out. By the sound of it, events previously unknown are bringing brought to the surface, making it even harder for fans to stay impartial about who’s in the right and who’s in the wrong.

Chyna’s point of view in the case is that the family of celebrities caused her decline in her career by canceling her E! reality series Rob & Chyna. Because of the cancelation, Chyna allegedly suffered both financially and psychologically. However, it was her online fight with Rob Kardashian that caused the most grievance. Kardashian took to his platform to post revenge porn pictures of Chyna, an action that certainly didn’t bode well with fans.

After taking everything into consideration, fans were convinced Chyna would be victorious in the case. But Kris Jenner’s most recent confession may change that.

Kylie Jenner allegedly threatened by Blac Chyna

E! News reports Kris Jenner opened up on a time where Blac Chyna allegedly threatened to kill her youngest daughter Kylie Jenner back in 2012.

When asked to speak about the nature of Chyna’s threat, Jenner responded that she’s simply relaying “what Tyga and Kylie told me.” Jenner also revealed that though she took the situation seriously, she didn’t report the threat to the police because she wanted to “keep it internal within our family.”

“I don’t remember the exact circumstance,” Jenner stated. “You’d have to ask Kylie.”

Jenner later stated that she knew Blac Chyna was “used to a lot of drama,” hence why she didn’t initially think to take Chyna’s actions to heart. What’s more, Jenner believed that Chyna deserved a “second chance,” insinuating that her dismissal of the threat to Kylie Jenner was an extension of grace rather than ignorance.

Blac Chyna’s stance on the accusations is not currently known. Once we hear anything else on this situation, we will be sure to provide updates.

As the case between Blac Chyna and the Kardashian-Jenners continues to unfold, more shocking revelations are bound to be brought to light. Stay tuned.