Pete Davidson might’ve just gotten a tattoo for Kim Kardashian’s kids: See it here!

Just when fans were finally accepting the fact that Pete Davidson got Kim Kardashian’s name branded into his skin, the Saturday Night Live comedian shocks them once more with yet another marking that represents his love for his new girlfriend.

Page Six reports that it looks like the actor got new ink to honor The Kardashians star. However, unlike the previous tattoos that only represented Kardashian, this new one seemingly gives a shout-out to her four children, North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm. See it below.

Although the new ink is somewhat an adorable declaration of love for both Kardashian and her family, fans are beginning to worry about the progression of this relationship. Some say it’s too much too fast while others are more concerned about what would happen to these tattoos should Davidson and Kardashian ever call it quits. In addition to these worries, some can’t help but wonder what Kanye West thinks of another man getting his children’s names tatted on his body.

Despite all these worries being valid in their own right, they might prove to be unnecessary as few are entirely sure whether or not Pete Davidson actually has a tattoo of Kim Kardashian‘s kids, especially because the tattoo was not visible during Davidson’s outing to the White House’s Correspondent Dinner the following night.

Could this be a simple rumor that got out of hand? We tell you everything we know so far here.

Pete Davidson’s new tattoo for Kim Kardashian’s kids

Page Six notes the couple leaving the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles, California this past weekend as the exact moment in which fans first noticed the tattoo in question.

Apparently, Kim Kardashian came to support Pete Davidson’s new comedy set at the theater. However, rather than focus on the couple’s new date night, people were more concerned about the “KNSCP” on Davidson’s neck. On one hand, fans believe these letters represent something else entirely. But, on the other hand, the majority are convinced the letters do, in fact, stand for each of the kids’ first names along with Kim Kardashian’s name.

“Inking another man’s children on you, let alone the fact you’ve known them less than a year is seriously worrying behavior,” one Reddit fan stated. Another commented, “People are saying ‘they haven’t even been dating a year’ as if it would be better to do at that time. Those 👏 are 👏 not 👏 his 👏 kids! They will never be his kids! They have a father. It’s giving a lack of appropriate boundaries.”

The media outlet was unable to receive an official comment concerning the tattoo, and the ever-outspoken Kim Kardashian has yet to address the current allegations on her Instagram, so it’s hard to know if fans are justified in their opinions just yet. When (or if) an official statement is released, we will be sure to update you with the latest.