Everything we know so far about Travis Barker’s hospitalization

People Magazine reports that Travis Barker was rushed to the hospital Tuesday night, causing many to worry about the fate of this esteemed drummer.

Fans’ anxieties about the situation were only doubled when Alabama Luella Baker, the 16-year-old daughter of the Blink-182 drummer, took to her Instagram to ask fans to “send prayers.”

Alabama later took to her TikTok to post a snap of her holding her father’s hand as he laid in the hospital bed. Although she later deleted the photo to (most likely) avoid causing a public frenzy, by then fans were very concerned about the entire situation and demanded to know whether or not Travis Barker, the newlywed of Kourtney Kardashian, was alright.

Keep reading to learn what we know so far about Travis’ sudden hospitalization.

Why is Travis Barker in the hospital?

People Magazine later cited that pancreatitis was the reason Travis Barker fell on Tuesday night.

“It was pancreatitis,” an insider revealed. “He was complaining of cramps.”

According to John Hopkins Medicine, pancreatitis occurs when the pancreas, the organ responsible for breaking down food and creating the hormones (insulin and glucagon) that help regulate blood sugar is inflamed. The inflammation causes enzymes to attack the pancreas, causing the person to suffer intense pain and/or cramps. This is what happened to Travis.

Variety also stated that doctors believed the pancreatitis was “triggered by a colonoscopy.” The exact specifics, however, have yet to be confirmed or denied.

Today, it is not known how Travis Barker is faring in California’s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, but it is safe to say that everyone, especially Kourtney, is staying right by his side through it all.

“Kourtney was worried yesterday,” the People insider stated. “They both were.”

We wish nothing but the best for Travis Barker and his loved ones.