Kim Kardashian busted for another alleged Photoshop fail

Oh, Kim Kardashian, we have to get you into a Photoshop seminar ASAP!

E! News reports that the Skims founder is under fire for a very obvious Photoshop fail. Fans noticed that in one of her August 2022 Instagram flicks, the celebrity’s neck and shoulder have been smoothed down to give her facial structure a more snatched look.

While the edit did accomplish what it was trying to, it seems the editor didn’t realize other parts of the photo got warped in the process.

Here are all the details fans believed contributed to Kim Kardashian’s recent edit disaster.

Kim Kardashian’s new alleged Photoshop fail

Check out the post below:

TikTok user @caroline_in_thecity, who seems to be a pro in spotting Photoshop fails, took to the platform to show how much Kim Kardashian’s Instagram pic isn’t adding up.

The TikToker began by pointing out how the water behind Kardashian “has been warped” as a result of the editing, hence why in the picture, the water’s shape doesn’t look as natural as it’s supposed to and has a similar curvature to Kardashian’s neck. However, this minor detail pales in comparison to the fact that Kardashian went on to post a video showing what her neck actually looks like in real life. According to the TikTok account, Kim Kardashian has more trapezoid-shaped shoulders, not curvy.

Watch the full TikTok video:

@caroline_in_thecity Nerd out with me and test your media literacy skills! Can you tell what is fake in this image? #medialiteracy #photoshopskillsonfleek #carolinesediting #photoshopgametime #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo ♬ original sound – Caroline In The City

Fans in the comments were shocked by the celebrity’s decision to alter her photos, especially because the edits didn’t particularly add or subtract anything from the big picture.

“I don’t understand why they do it, the non edited original is so much better looking,” one user expressed, while another stated, “honestly idc about the fact that they do it; i care more about the fact they deny it/ avoid talking about it. like it’s okay just be honest.”

Unlike her previous Photoshop fail accusation featuring her ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian has yet to speak out on the call-out. Stay tuned to find out if she ever does.