How Pete Davidson is reportedly supporting Kim Kardashian amid Kanye West drama

Knowing how Kanye West has made Kim Kardashian‘s life difficult ever since the couple separated, it’s clear the SKIMS founder needs all the help she can get. Fortunately for her, whether it’s people close to her or people from her past, her loved ones are more than ready to support her during these troubling times.

Hollywood Life reports that Pete Davidson is one of the many extending a helping hand to Kim, as her ex-boyfriend is no stranger to Kanye West’s hurtful antics either.

“A lot of people have been reaching out to offer Kim support, including Pete [Davidson],” a source reveals to the media outlet. “He’s in the middle of shooting another movie but he’s been in touch. He’s such a sweet guy and Kim’s grateful they can still be friends.”

Needless to say, fans are more than grateful that Pete is being an extra shoulder for Kim to lean on at the moment. However, in the same breath, fans are curious to know whether this rekindling could be a sign that “Kete” may reignite the flame they once shared or if this is simply a friend being there for a friend.

Where Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian stand today

While there is no bad blood between Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian after their August split, there is also, unfortunately, no more romance between the two either.

Sources report that the two are in contact with one another, but only on a platonic level.

“Pete and Kim still talk on occasion and several weeks after the break up, they had gotten to a place of being cordial with each other,” Hollywood Life states. “Pete has texted Kim a few times about the whole Kanye situation because he still cares about her as a person and wanted to check in to see how she was doing.”

Kanye West has expressed his disdain over how close Pete and Kim are in the past, and while he hasn’t yet spoken up about Pete recently, fans are anticipating that he will in the future. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see if this will come to pass. If it does, we’re sure Kim will have Pete’s back in the same way he has hers.

“Despite the split, Pete has let Kim know that he’ll always be there for her as a friend if she needs to vent or talk about anything,” the source continued. “Kim told Pete how much she appreciates that and also appreciates how he’s handled all of this. Kim explained to him that she knows it can be a lot for anybody to deal with and is grateful she’s been able to remain amicable with Pete.”