Kourtney Kardashian shows the sexy side of pregnancy in photos

Kourtney Kardashian Barker embraces the “sexy” side of her pregnancy journey. In a recent Instagram carousel post, the Poosh founder mainly dressed in black with a few glimpses of white mixed in. Long story short, she is killing it in the black lace ensemble and smokey eyes, which gives that 90’s era glam.

In the first photo, Kourtney does an incredible mirror selfie with her black hair styled in a long pony and wearing a form-fitting black dress. She’s posed sideways to give a more precise look at her bump.

selfies n stuff,” reads the post caption.

And “stuff” being her ringed hand interlocking with Travis’s and stealing a kiss with him backstage. It’s a sweet window into their love life, and they couldn’t be happier.

Oh, and there were microphone boxes titled “Kim” and “Kourt.” The two sisters finally restated their Dolce and Gabbana feud on Thursday’s The Kardashians episode. While tense, Kourtney seemingly forgave Kim for “using her wedding as a business opportunity.

Anyways, here are the photos.

At their gender reveal party on June 24th, the couple announced they were having a boy. Kourtney and her party planning team planned the event in just 48 hours, as Travis had a short break between tour stops. The entire party embodied a rock and theme, with drums, rock music, and gothic decor throughout.

Shortly after, the Lemme founder posed at her Calabasas home for pregnancy portraits. She wore a light baby blue dress and white sandals, and in the second set, she sat on her husband’s lap as at his drum set. In the cute posts, he teased that he already knew the name of their “little drummer boy.”

And how did Kourtney announce to the world that she and Travis are having a baby? At Travis’s blink-182 show on Friday, June 16th, of course. The happy again mama-to-be took a clue from the band’s 1999’s “All the Small Things” video and waved a sign stating, “TRAVIS[!] IM PREGNANT[!]”

That is an announcement to remember.