Kourtney Kardashian graces Vanity Fair Italia cover with pregnancy glow

Kourtney Kardashian is October’s Vanity Fair Italia cover model and is beaming about her pregnancy and becoming a mother again at 44. In a candid, up-close interview with the magazine, Kourtney opens up about her journey and how she really feels in the negative light of others.

Before we dip in on the interview highlights, let’s look at Kourtney’s stunning black-and-white cover and the photoshoot. The reality star shared both on her Instagram on Friday the 13th.

On the cover and in the photo set, Kourtney bears it all as her pregnant (she’s having a boy) belly is upfront and center. She wears numerous jewelry pieces, a long black veil that completely canopies over her, and a patent leather black bra.


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Kourtney’s earlier three pregnancies were easier, and as a result, she thought it would be the same for baby number four. Yet, while the pregnancy has been primarily problem-free, Kourtney had to be rushed to the hospital last month to undergo urgent fetal surgery to save her child’s life, whom she shares with her husband, Travis Barker. The latter rushed home from tour to be at his wife’s side.

Following the surgery, Kourtney revealed she “let go of the fear” and “stopped worrying.” To get an even a stronger bond, she “talks to the child every day” and has “a positive mindset.”

As for her three older children, Mason, Penelope, and Reign, all of whom she shares with her ex-partner, Scott Disick, are “very happy” that they’ll be getting a little brother. Kourtney even shared that before the kids head out to school each day, “they touch my belly, kiss it, [and] say ‘hello.‘”

When it comes to being a mother, Kourtney loves the time she spends with her kids as they love sharing in the same activities she had done in her childhood, such as going to Disneyland and creating everyday memories. With Travis, she feels like it’s “a dream come true” when it comes to creating new memories and making them special.

On social media, especially Instagram, where Kourtney frequently posts her baby bump during the different stages, haters leave vitriolic comments about her pregnancy. However, Kourtney has no use for them but has spoken up about the matter.

Those comments don’t affect me. To those who do them, I just say: how dare you question God’s plan?” she tells the commenters. After a few months of dropping IVF, Baby Barker came naturally, and Kourtney and Travis couldn’t be more overjoyed.

I kept telling Travis if we’re meant to have a baby, then it’s just going to happen. And so it was: when we stopped forcing the [IVF] process, then it happened.

When is Kourtney Kardashian’s baby due?

According to the Vanity Fair Italia piece, Kourtney is seven months pregnant and will likely have Baby Barker sometime in November or early December. She might even have him on Halloween, one of Kourtney’s favorite days of the year.