American Horror Story: Delicate drops its season 12B trailer

The second half of American Horror Story Delicate is coming up fast, and we're ready for it. The FX Network released the horror series' spookiest trailer yet.

American Horror Story: Delicate -- Pictured: Kim Kardashian as Siobhan Corbyn. CR: Eric Liebowitz/FX
American Horror Story: Delicate -- Pictured: Kim Kardashian as Siobhan Corbyn. CR: Eric Liebowitz/FX /

American Horror Story: Delicate returns with part two on April 3rd, promising to overflow with the intense, frightening overtures the show is well known for. Kim Kardashian will reprise her role as Siobhan Corbyn, the sassy but no-nonsense publicist to Anna Alcott, performed by Emma Roberts. Both women have been hitting it out of the park with their onscreen chemistry.

Kim, in particular, brought out her malicious side regarding her character. In the trailer the FX Network dropped on March 20th, Siobhan is depicted as a "monster" to Anna, confirming our suspicion that she's much more sinister than she appears. It creates a troubling narrative for Anna as she waits for her baby's arrival. There's Siobhan dressed as Disney's Maleficent as she deliciously takes on the Devil's work.

Also in the trailer, things get steamy between Anna and Siobhan as they share a kiss, then a slap happens as Siobhan gets frustrated with her client, as she wants to quit her award campaign.

A few weeks ago, Kim gave the AHS fans a behind-the-scenes tease of what's to come in the second half. While it wasn't much to go by, she was dressed in costume as she headed to the studios in New York City. Little did we know that her gothic attire was a vital clue of what would come in Delicate. It starkly contrasts with Kim's earlier edition of Siobhan, which was still cut-throat but embodied a sincere element to her.

When it comes down to it, AHS hardly fails to disappoint with its plot deliverance and the characters surrounding it. Delicate is no exception to the "rule" because just one look at the haunting narratives is enough to make the blood flow turn to ice. Once it does that, a viewer becomes hooked, desiring more of the same response the show causes.

How many episodes will there be of 12B American Horror Story: Delicate?

American Horror Story: Delicate 12B will have five episodes and a shorter season than its predecessors. The reason is the months-long Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA strikes that occurred last year. After both unions resolved their cases with the studios, filming for several productions resumed in November.

The wait was well worth it as this may be AHS most haunting story yet.

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