Khloé Kardashian shows her exotic beauty in the TMRW photoshoot

Khloé Kardashian stuns us all with her gorgeous layout with TMRW Magazine. To make the publication even more special, she had a hand in the collaboration.
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Khloé Kardashian is no stranger when it comes to fashionable photoshoots and spreads. Like her sisters, she's not afraid to use her distinct voice but is still dressed to the nines, so our eyes are focused on her. In her latest photoshoot with the publisher TMRW, Khloé experiments with different and daring looks, each photographic image accenting her beauty and overall vibe.

The latest issue of TMRW, which is now available for purchase, features Khloé styling multiple fashions and glam. While many of the photos on the reality star's Instagram had daring poses and sexy garments that showed off her well-fit and toned body, the second set Khloê uploaded has a softer aesthetic.

Khloé wears a cropped black halter top and a red rose patent leather choker in the set. Her hazel eyes are brought out with faux lashes, and she accompanies them with a soft peach lip. Her blonde hair cascades in loose waves and is highlighted by dark lowlights

Khloé also shed some light on the perspective of her ex, Tristan Thompson. Even though she has zero intentions of getting back with him, she admires how he's 100% focused on their children, True and Tatum Thompson. When it comes to co-parenting, the former couple are on mutual terms regarding raising their kids. However, Khloé admits that it wasn't easy in the beginning.

"With me and Tristan, would it be really easy [for me] never to talk to him again and just to badmouth him or whatever? Of course. But it's way harder to be nice," she says to TMRW. For the sake of her children, she remains on neutral ground.

"It's way harder when you're really mad at someone; it's really hard to sit in their face in front of your kids and be like, 'Hi!"

Khloé even admitted when she felt horrible, or couldn't leash her feelings at the moment, she engaged in regrettable online activity. Yet, she learned that controlling her emotions was vital, as lashing out doesn't grant a good impression of character.

"Trust me, that's not how I feel everyday," she continues with her interview. "I had to learn to take control of my feelings. There were so many times that my feelings got control of me, and I was impulsive, and I tweeted something or I posted something, and things that you regret. But in my opinion, I'll never regret being a nice person."

As she continues, Khloé elaborates on the importance of establishing a solid relationship between her children and their father. Despite what Tristan has done in the past, he still wants to be a part of their lives, and Khloé will not deny him the opportunity.

"I want my kids to have beautiful relationships with their dad," she says. "And if we're blessed enough to have a dad that wants to be there and wants to show up and be hands-on, why would I prevent that from happening?"

To see more of Khloé and what she says, check out TMRW's website.

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