Kim Kardashian drops her first ever SKIMS commercial featuring the Klones

Kim Kardashian's shaperwear line SKIMS just dropped its first commercial with a futuristic approach.

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SKIMS has entered the realms of outer space with its first-ever commercial for the shapewear line. On March 10th, ahead of the 96th Annual Academy Awards, Kim Kardashian unveiled the minute-long commercial. Inside, Kim describes herself as an engineer for the brand, and her "Klones" assist her in creating the perfect fit, feel, and fabric each time.

Titled "SKIMS Lab," one of Kim's Klones heads into a room where several TV monitors glitch and display clips of the OG Kim experimenting with different products. After a conclusive receipt is printed, the Klone meets with the real Kim with a cup of mocha latte. The reality star grants her Klone's approval and looks out into the vast universe, which is space.

The best part of the whole thing? The commercial's theme is science fiction, a genre that pulls the audience in with its mesmerizing aesthetics. It also helps greatly when the chosen soundtrack is the 1975 hit "Dream Weaver by Gary Wright.

With this new commercial release, SKIMS will only expand their loyal customer clientlé and increase their already billion-dollar empire. By just how much we don't know the exact numbers, but an estimated ballpark figure would be around 1,000% or even higher. This is because SKIMS has a fierce marketing team that is blended with the power of a Kardashian. We all know by now that whatever a famous family member touches turns to gold.

How the first-ever SKIMS commercial came to light

There are a few considerable factors when developing a concept for the SKIMS commercial. One is knowing your audience and utilizing their interests to your strategic advantage. It's the basic formula in the business world. As sci-fi is the hot target right now, the team knew that it would only peak interest, and therefore creating the piece around it would guarantee a successful module.

In a press release for SKIMS, Kim opened up her new business venture and complimented her director, Frank Lebron, who was the mastermind behind the project.

"With this being our first-ever made-for-TV, we really wanted to bring viewers into the Skims universe and create a film about our brand story and obsession with product development in a witty yet extravagant way," Kim revealed. "It was great working with Frank [Lebron] on this; His unique creativity and talent for storytelling really shined through. I am really proud of what we created together."

What's next for SKIMS? Well, we have to wait and see!

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