Kim Kardashian and Emma Roberts to reunite for Netflix's Calabasas

The AHS: Delicate costars are teaming up once more to collaborate a new drama for Netflix.
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Kim Kardashian and Emma Roberts will work on another project together, following AHS: Delicate, where the two women co-starred together. The new production is very exciting news for the women, as both Kim and Emma gave electrifying performances in AHS. We can't wait to see what magic they'll brew for their new endeavor.

The project will be a TV drama developed for Netflix titled Calabasas. Kim and Emma will serve as executive producers, Pretty Little Liars creator I. Marlene King will serve as the showrunner, and Alexandra Milchan (Tár and Blackbird) will serve as the producer.

According to Deadline, who first published the news, Calabasas's narrative follows a lonely sixteen-year-old girl named Via from the Midwest who relocates with her family to the dazzling world of Calabasas, California. She then enrolls at Calabasas High School, "where nothing is as it appears, and everyone is trying to be someone else. [Calabasas is] a place where dreams come true. . . but not without complications and sometimes unforeseen consequences."

The series is based on Via Bleidner's 2022 novel If You Live Here, You'd Be Famous By Now. It will be a fusion of Beverly Hills, 90210, and The O.C., with a likely dose of celebrity tabloid. By its description, it has the feel of a typical teen drama, but we're hoping that Calabasas will offer a much sturdier plot.

Netflix acquired Calabasas following a bidding war last week with other networks. The series is currently in production. It's unknown when the premiere date will drop or who will be in the cast.

Kim Kardashian made Calabasas famous

Calabasas is an exclusive city in Los Angeles County, where Kim and her family reside. The city has been extensively featured on the family's reality shows. According to the real estate website Zillow, the most expensive home for sale is nearly 29 million and styled in the American Gilded Age/Louis XVI decor. It's a breathtaking residence with over 16,000 square feet to relax and unwind and invite a few guests over for a party.

Until the Kardashians brought Calabasas to the public's attention, the city was primarily unknown. It's become a popular tourist attraction thanks to its amenities and the expansive Santa Monica Mountains views.

The AHS: Delicate season finale will air this Wednesday, April 24th, an will stream the next day on Hulu.

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