Kim Kardashian gives warm weather vibes when previewing her new SKIMS swimwear

Kim Kardashian is getting ready for summer with her new collection of swimwear.
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Kim Kardashian displayed her famous curves when she gave her Instagram followers a preview of her upcoming swimwear line with SKIMS. In the latest collection, bold colors and prints are this year's style aesthetic, and Kim rocks both. With Carine Roitfeld being her SKIMS stylist, the media mogul slays her photoshoot.

"SKIMS SWIM," Kim captions her post, along with tagging her photographer, Nick Knight and Carine Roitfeld for their spectacular artistry.

In the first photo, Kim poses in a seductive manner while wearing a snakeskin coverup over a matching bikini-- the same bikini she wore on her recent Turks and Caicos trip. The slide is then followed by more swimwear pieces in black and red, with more snake print options, including a summer dress. In the last photo, Kim channels her "Baywatch Babe" in a red one-piece.

The 2024 SKIMS swim collection additionally pays tribute to Kim's iconic Y2K fashion, when she and her best friend, hotel heiress Paris Hilton, were the "It" Girls of the 2000's decade. The women were inseparable and were photographed constantly at events, parties, and all around Los Angeles. Kim and Paris gave a glimpse of their glamorous lifestyles.

According to a press release by SKIMS, Knight was "tapped to capture the collection in a style reminiscent of his classic and avant-garde fashion campaigns from the 2000s."

Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton SKIMS Swimwear
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The SKIMS Swim Collection will be available to purchase on Wednesday, April 17th, and is expected to sell out quickly. Aside from Kim's preview, the pieces include dresses, skirts, tops, and even a beach towel. The "classic" colors of pinks, beiges, and whites are still stocked.

SKIMS recruits singer Sabrina Carpenter for the Stretch Lace Collection campaign

The SKIMS Swim isn't the only newest collection to drop. A few weeks ago, the shapewear company recruited pop sensation Sabrina Carpenter to endorse their Stretch Lace Collection and Always Fits. Like the swim preview, the campaign has an early Y2K feel. Sabrina wears the collections in all of the colors-- pink, yellow, and a light green called "talc" as she poses inside a bedroom while listening to CDs and speaking on a landline cordless receiver, all nostalgic from the era.

With the collections, SKIMS is financially growing, and getting the deserving recognition.

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