Kim Kardashian shares her workout routine with a series of videos

Kim Kardashian gives fans the lowdown on her strict workout regimen in a series of clips she shared on Friday.
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Kim Kardashian is showing off the proud body she continues to work hard for, and we love her for it. As women, we're often criticized for our looks, which can spiral into a dangerous psychological mindset and can cause grave misfortunes. For Kim, a trip to the gym is one way to oppress the critics.

In a series of Instagram Story videos, Kim drops intense sweat as she tackles the machines in her home gym. The routines are challenging, but one must have a strong "Mind Over Matter" psyche to achieve them, but Kim makes everything she does look simple.

In one of the clips, Kim demonstrates leg exercises while using heavy weight lifts. Another is the "deadly" Step-Ups. Kim once again proves her athletic agility by taking long stretches from the bench to the floor. Each step is about three to four feet long and strengthens core muscles in the legs and torso.

Guiding Kim throughout her workout is the celebrity fitness guru Seneca Graca, who could be heard in the background. She instructs Kim to do the exercises safely while achieving the custom results. Seneca, for her part, has several social media profiles, including Instagram and TikTok, in which she shares her fitness and health secrets.

Khloé also has a profound love for the gym, as she routinely gives highlights in her workouts. But her most recent session was with Kim, prior to the latter's one-on-one with Seneca. The youngest Kardashian sister quoted in the video that Kim's routine was like "training for the Olympics." Both sisters often team up in the gym as they're each other's supportive mentors.

With Award Season coming up, Kim ensures that not only does she look good physically, but her emotional well-being is also in check so that the glow and confidence can come from within for the Red Carpet.