Kim Kardashian shows off one of her favorite photos from 2023

Kim Kardashian captured one of her favorite photos of 2023, reminding that there's hope on the horizon.
GQ Men of the Year Party 2023 - VIP Dinner
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Kim Kardashian is quite the shutterbug, revealing her favorite photo in 2023. It may be early 2024, but Kim is reliving the moment. She should because her snap is a beautiful homage to life and gives a glimpse of hope for the future.

Kim admires the picture she took in Palm Springs earlier last year while on a getaway to the Southern Californian town. The photo shows Palm Springs's tropical desert landscape, with mountains and palm trees in the background. While it may appear as a typical tourist snapshot, clouds drop golden sun rays like the heavens, warming open palms and embracing you.

The reality star posted the photo via Instagram to show her nearly 365 million followers and show off her photography skills.

If you know Kim, you know she's deeply connected with her Christianity. She grew up with the religion as her parents embraced the same values. So, it makes complete sense that the image holds a divine aesthetic. When one looks at it, a feeling of hope washes over them. With so much going on in the world currently and 2023 closing with a grim outlook, we hope 2024 will be a better year.

But 2023 wasn't all that bad for Kim. Major moments happened to her. She became the new face of Dolce and Gabbana, opened a SKIMS pop-up in the heart of Manhattan, had a starring and mind-blowing role in the twelfth season of American Horror Story, and embraced several magazine covers, including Time.

Plus, several other defining moments in the Kardashian World.

Kim Kardashian becomes a 'snow bunny' in New Year's ski trip

Kim topped 2023 with a quick New Year's Eve trip to Deer Valley, Utah, for some family time skiing. After hitting the slopes, she posed in soft, light brown faux fur, keeping her outfit on the casual side under her coat by wearing a basic white t-shirt, light-washed jeans, and sneakers.

2024 will be yet another glorious year for Kim and her family, illed with new adventures and memories.