Kourtney Kardashian heads back to the gym after giving birth to Rocky Barker

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Kourtney Kardashian heads back to the gym seven weeks after giving birth to Rocky Barker. While the new mom aims to get back to her prenatal weight, she's not in a rush to do it. In fact, she told other mothers in the same situation not to feel "pressured" to achieve their peaks.

In an Instagram Story post Kourtney shared earlier this week, she's walking on the treadmill donned in black workout clothes and matching sneakers. She returned to the gym seven weeks postpartum, as she allowed her body to heal and rest.

For the text, Kourtney wrote a few words of inspiration and her progress thus far.

"7 weeks postpartum: first day in the gym, doing 30 minutes walking 3.0, 12.0 incline, taking it easy. No rush, no pressure mamas."

Kourtney treats her body like a temple and is extremely mindful regarding what goes inside. For her fourth pregnancy, Kourtney eliminated gluten, sugars, and junk and opted for fruits, vegetables, and plant-based snacks for optimal health. She did splurge on a burger, as revealed on The Kardashians during her pregnancy's first trimester.

That's fine and we're not judging. As women, our bodies are amazing and powerful machines, capable of giving us life and providing life, and they'll let us know what we need to enjoy our fullest potential.

Rocky Barker joins Kourtney Kardashian in time for Christmas

Rocky will get to experience his first Christmas this year as he joins his large family. Grandmother Kris has already got her thirteenth grandchild a custom "Elf On The Shelf" elf, and Rocky's name has been added to the family gingerbread house, along with his siblings, Landon and Alabama Barker, and Mason, Penelope, and Reign Disick.

Now, just days away from Christmas on December 22nd, Rocky made his official Instagram debut! In a series of photos, Kourtney and her husband, Travis, are holding their son in front of their twinkling tree. Rocky's tiny feet are peeking out of a black blanket. His sweet profile could also be seen as his mother nurses him.

What's a greater Christmas gift than the gift of life? See the adorable set below of the Barker family.

"Rocky 🖤" Kourtney writes for the caption.